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Biking on the Transitway

An Appreciation of the U of M Transitway

Living in the Midway, I consider the U of M Transitway to be the best bike route in the Twin Cities–even better than the Midtown Greenway. It’s our neighborhood’s safe link with the U of M and downtown Minneapolis. We need many more routes just like it. Yet, for some reason, the Transitway is the […]

View of Washington Avenue Bridge

Washington Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Gets a Facelift

As a University of Minnesota employee, I walk across the Washington Avenue Bridge every day. It’s often part of my commute but it is also one of my daily walking destinations. The bridge is a focal point for people visiting or passing through the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus. In recent years, the bridge’s enclosed walkway has fallen into […]

Can We Save the Electric Steel Elevator Site in Prospect Park?

The current historic preservation issue in Minneapolis right now is not a campaign to save a building because its gingerbread ornamentation is too precious to lose. The slightly rusty and unornamented round steel sides of the Electric Steel Elevator complex in Prospect Park, part of a large complex of tall concrete cylindrical grain silos, may […]

Nice Ride’s Five-year Goal should be Connections to Transit

Note: This post is part of the streets.mn/Nice Ride crowdsource conversation, a series of crowdsourced looks at how to expand or improve Nice Ride planning. Check out the rest here. The wedge of city I wrote about in my last post – between the river and Hiawatha from the falls north to Seward – is rich in […]

Prospect Park Neighborhood Meeting on Prospect North. February 14, 2015

Students Purposely Excluded from Some Neighborhood Boards

There was an article yesterday in the Minnesota Daily (a student newspaper) with the subhead: “Few students apply to neighborhood board organizations in Minneapolis.” I was surprised to see the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association (MHNA) characterized as one of the two “best at involving students in decision-making.” This can’t be true because, unlike the vast majority of […]

Cyclegating Update – Party in a Parking Lot!

As a very long overdue follow-up to my original post, I’d like to announce an update. Cyclegating is still happening this Saturday! After a couple months of back-and-forthing with the University of Minnesota, the City of Minneapolis, and various other quasi-public entities, I concluded that the easiest way to put on the event this year […]

Sunday Summary – September 13, 2015

streets.mn and Nice Ride MN Launch Crowdsourcing Bikeshare Project remains at the top of the site for a second week. If you missed it last week, click over to read about our joint project with Nice Ride Minnesota to crowdsource analysis and recommendations for the evolution of the Twin Cities bikeshare system. Nice Ride is looking for ideas, advice […]

What if the University of Minnesota had 100,000 Students?

This is a thought experiment. According to the US Department of Education (reported in wikipedia), the University of Minnesota has (Fall 2013) 63,929 students, ranking 19th in the US. Of course, many of those larger schools are for-profit, non-residential, cater to part-time students, or college systems. Among “peers”, (land-grantish research schools) larger schools include Arizona State, […]