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An Uber Vehicle

Autonomous Cars Can Be Safe or Mass-Marketable, Not Both

You might remember a rash of people on social media becoming suddenly interested in “the Trolley Problem” a few years ago. A classic ethical thought experiment about the dilemma posed by a runaway trolley, contemporary interest in it has been revived as corporations and engineers (PDF) begin grappling with programming and design decisions that will govern […]

autonomous car

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Quite a furor surrounded the recent death of Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, AZ, her body broken by a ton of steel and glass, processors and sensors. The most perplexing aspect of the tragedy, though, was the subsequent frenzy of legislative action, an outpouring of posturing that revealed, if nothing else, the deep denial we as […]

Old 4plexes that add to the neighborhood character

A Response To The “Privilege” of The Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan

This post is in conversation with Carol Becker’s post. I decided to write a post instead of a comment.   My name is Nicole Salica and I ride a bike. I know that I have encountered negative consequences for saying this. I don’t ride a bike because I especially like biking. I bike because I […]

Sunday Summary – April 8, 2018

Of course, last week was April Fools’ Day, but the Summary preceded the joke. Here’s the streets.mn Foolish offering from Bill Lindeke adding yet another hazard to the SWLRT process: Endangered Kenilworth Shark Another Hurdle for Light Rail Planners.   Housing How Many Homes Does Minneapolis Need? asks Anton Schieffer. Looking beyond the discussions of building affordable housing, […]

Snowbound parked cars

Winter is When We Need Alternative Transit the Most

The first blizzard this winter hit squarely over the entire workday, timing that was bad news for the plow crews trying to clear the streets in time for the city’s commuters to get home. My partner and I took a walk in the early evening and without ever making it more than four blocks from […]

Would It Make Financial Sense to Drop A Car?

[This post originally appeared on my blog Think Of It As An Adventure.] One of the things I love about the Longfellow neighborhood – and a big reason I wanted to live here – was its close proximity to everything. That made it possible, in 2010, for my husband and I make the decision to become […]

The Trunk Highway System layout in Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1920s

A History of Minnesota’s Highways Part Two

Previously this series covered federal and private involvement in Minnesota’s highways from the pioneer days into the 1920s. Now it’s time to cover the involvement of the state. As early as 1890 there was state involvement in highways, with the state contributing funds towards the Old Cedar and Bloomington Ferry Bridges. A 1898 constitutional amendment allowed […]

Bike Lanes and Racial Equity

The transportation systems of the Twin Cities were designed by and for white people, as were virtually all transportation systems in the USA. Adding bike lanes and improving pedestrian safety can be a real step towards building social equity and justice for people of color into our transportation system. José Hernández was riding his bike […]

Parking Anxiety and Paranoia

Where Will I Park? Parking is a major concern for people who drive. This concern has shaped how cities have been designed within the past few decades. This concern is tied to a very irrational mindset that leads to unnecessary anxiety and paranoia, which has damaged our cities. Parking Can Be Bad Due To Limited […]