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Hennepin County District 6 Candidate Questionnaire

With the help of Move Minnesota and the North Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, streets.mn has sent out a transportation and land use questionnaire to candidates running for Hennepin County Board. With a $2.5 annual budget, the County Board is the most important government body that most people don’t know anything about. The upcoming […]

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Sunday Summary – November 17, 2019

Rather a lot of streets.mn organizational news this week: Give to the Max 2019! took place this past Thursday and you gave!  Thank you to our donors on GTTM19!  The deadline to apply to join the streets.mn board was extended to Monday, November 18 so read about what current board members have to say about […]

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What Does Greta Thunberg Want?

If you have a pulse, you can’t have missed the demonstrations that Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg has been organizing around the world. Whether you call it Global Warming, Climate Change, or, lately, the Climate Emergency, our changing climate is what she is organizing schoolchildren globally to protest about on Fridays. Most people have a favorable […]

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Edina Debates a Comprehensive Plan

Edina’s City Council approved a draft comprehensive plan last Tuesday. While it’s not nearly as ambitious as the 2040 plan approved last year in Minneapolis, the Edina plan has still attracted some organized opposition. Bruce Christensen, creator of two anti-population growth websites in Edina (stopthelid.com and We Can Do Better Edina), led a contingent of of residents whose testimony […]

The 21st Century Southdale Vehicle Collapse

The perception that traffic congestion is worse today than in the past is a real phenomenon. Might as well call it traffic nostalgia. Plus, the perception that traffic is only going to get worse is a common objection for constructing new housing anywhere. A fourplex or daycare being proposed can bring forth primal concerns about […]

Edina’s Many Roundabouts

While I used to work for the City of Edina, views expressed here are entirely my own. Recently the City of Edina announced its plans for a ninth roundabout within city borders {1}. Already home to five roundabouts in the Southdale area (the others are along Valley View Road and the 169/494 interchange area in […]

Sunday Summary – February 18, 2018

Mid-February, the time we Minnesotans settle in for the rest of winter while dreaming of Spring. But let’s celebrate where we are in the year. Since Valentines Day happened last week, consider what Valentine to Your City you might send. Heidi Schallberg composed a little Valentine to Minneapolis (drawing inspiration from Wausau, Wisconsin): “If I wrote a […]

How Do You Create Senior-Focused Transit in a Suburb?

This year, the City of Edina will debut a 1-day-a-week bus service aimed primarily at seniors. The Edina Transportation Commission is currently reaching out to senior residences and business groups in Edina to create a task force to help define the service. This task force will be responsible for setting the route(s) and stops the […]