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Andy Singer is doing his second tour as volunteer co-chair of the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition. He works as a professional cartoonist and illustrator and has authored of four books including his latest, "Why We Drive," which examines environmental, land use and political issues in transportation. You can see more of his cartoons at

The Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan

The Minnesota Department of Public Transportation has released a draft of its new five-year Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) at I encourage people to read the plan and comment on it. The public only has until July 8 to make comments. Comments should be sent to Below are my own comments. They’re super wonky […]

Imagine an Ayd Mill Linear Park

Next Saturday, June 21, from 1-4pm, Neighborhoods First, a community group in Saint Paul’s Merriam Park, will be hosting an event on the corner of Summit Avenue and Syndicate Street. The event is titled “Imagine an Ayd Mill Linear Park.” There will be speakers, music, food and exhibits. It will be an opportunity for community […]

Predictions for Super Bowl 2018

I predict the Packers will win, prompting the biggest riot the city has ever seen! No, seriously, I support hosting the 2018 Super Bowl in Minnesota. After all, we need to start paying off our billion-dollar, publicly financed stadium that was supposed to be paid for with non-existent gaming revenues. Looking at the behavior of […]

The I-35E Freeway Apocalypse

  Interstate 35E played a major role in destroying downtown Saint Paul. Along with Interstate 94 and Hwy 52, it forms a series of concrete trenches and highway interchanges that pin downtown against the Mississippi River and cut it off from its neighborhoods. In addition to destroying downtown, Interstate 35E creates a huge, north-south chasm […]

3 Days Left to Comment on the Draft Saint Paul Bikeways Plan

For those of you who live or work in Saint Paul, there are three days left to submit comments on the Draft Saint Paul Bikeways Plan. After Wednesday, April 30, no more comments will be recorded and city staff will begin the process of creating the final plan. If you haven’t read or looked at […]

Does the DFL Support Transit and the Environment?

Politics in America are split along urban versus suburban/exurban lines. Urban areas are likely to be more “liberal” when it comes to issues of public transportation, the environment, education, gun control, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. A glance at presidential election maps by county confirms this and numerous studies correlate voting patterns to population […]

Vulnerable Road User Protection Laws

Most of the time, when a pedestrian or cyclist is seriously injured or killed by a motor vehicle, we label it “an accident.” As long as the driver isn’t drunk and doesn’t flee the scene, he or she can expect to pay a minor fine, at most, and will suffer no criminal penalties. It doesn’t […]

Grand Avenue and Syndicate Intersection Needs Improvement

Last Tuesday at 9pm, a 29 year old woman was hit by a car at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Syndicate Street. She is expected to survive but suffered a fractured skull, which, for some, can be a life-altering injury. While there is no information on the exact cause, this is a terrible intersection and she […]

We Should Try a Two-Lane University Avenue

[Note: This article was originally written by Dana DeMaster and Andy Singer for the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition.] The current design of University Avenue has for two vehicle travel lanes in each direction (four total travel lanes), but why not examine the benefits of having a single vehicle travel lane in each direction, a parking […]