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The Yard at Downtown East

In a veritable bacchanalia of developments, we have seen three major inter-related activities in Minneapolis’s Downtown East: Washington Avenue has been covered extensively on Streets.MN already, so I won’t go further into that now. The others are the Star Tribune site and the Stadium. The Yard The Ryan proposal for redeveloping the Star Tribune site […]

I Love Rice Park

“This week (Valentine‚Äôs Week), we have challenged ourselves at Streets.MN to be positive, which is really much harder than complaining (you see, already I am complaining about having to not complain). So we have a theme, about which we are not entitled to be snarky, What I love about Minnesota.” – David Levinson, I Love […]

How well do regional parks agencies promote utilitarian cycling?

Take a look at the following three photos, and see if you can spot the similar theme. These are all photos of the trail along West River Parkway taken since the Fall of 2009 (click images to enlarge). The parkway is owned and maintained by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB). Each of these […]