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Sheridan Ave And 73rd St

Municipal Sidewalk Clearing in Richfield: An Interview

Having clear sidewalks in the winter is an important issue for a lot of people. People should be able to move around their city or town year-round, and they shouldn’t have to use cars in order to get around easily. For my family, we need clear sidewalks in order to walk to the library and […]

Proposed plan includes new water feature and ramps to address grade changes. Credit: MPRB

The Park Board’s Vision for Gateway Park

Recently, I met with Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board District 4 Commissioner Jono Cowgill across the street from Gateway Park to chat about the current state and future of the park. Welcome to Gateway Park 🦖 Gateway Park is a plaza located at the intersection of Hennepin Ave and S 1st St and is bordered […]

Sidewalk stretching into distance toward grocery store, with a thin coating of snow and many footprints

A Desire Path Turns into a Sidewalk!

On the eastern edge of Saint Paul, there’s a dangerous intersection: a four lane stroad, with on-ramps/off-ramps to I-94, and (until recently) almost no pedestrian infrastructure. It is, however, a critical link for the neighborhood, so people had to make the best of it. To get to the grocery store from the south, you had to […]

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An Easy Way to Make Suburbs More Walkable: Sidewalk Shortcuts

Making the suburbs, especially outer ring suburbs, walkable will require a significant shift in how we treat pedestrians in terms of infrastructure investment and in terms of interacting with them while driving. However, there is an easy way to make the suburbs more walkable without requiring significant investment: simply adding a sidewalk connecting streets and […]

Peace Plaza

Paul and Danielle’s Downtown Rochester DMC Districts Walk

So, it’s time for a walk again and this time I’m in Rochester walking with my niece, Danielle as we went through a couple Rochester Destination Medical Center (DMC) sub-districts. Very short story – it’s where I grew up, studied piano, worked at a Shopko, rented in a 4-plex with a buddy, trekked the pedestrian […]

Pianos Contribute to the Sidewalk Ballet in Downtown Minneapolis

Hands-down my favorite part of downtown Minneapolis this past summer was the pianos on Nicollet Avenue. Not necessarily a new idea, to be sure, but I was struck by the talent of seemingly random players and the joy it gave passers-by. Any given morning on my walk from the train to the office I’d pass […]

Minneapolis Should Embrace Entropy, Dockless Bikes

If you are interested in Twin Cities history, one of the more amusing things this year was the parallel development in Minneapolis and Saint Paul of dockless bike sharing systems. Dockless bikes are a big leap forward in bike sharing technology —  the use of which is something that tech blogger Kottke recently compared to bluetooth […]

No Parking during School Hours Sign

The Curb is Everything

The curbside has long been overlooked and is playing a growing role in our increasingly multimodal society.  It was a main topic of conversation when I attended the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Conference in Los Angeles earlier this month. During one of the sessions, the Parking Manager of Pasadena, CA, Jon Hamblen, […]

RRFBs: A False Sense of Protection

When Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFBs) started appearing in Bloomington and Edina I thought they would be a huge improvement for pedestrian safety, but having used them numerous times I’ve realized they’re a compromise on safety and neither motorists or pedestrians are the winners. RRFBs are a safety device used at crosswalks in which a […]

Dumb Bikes

20 Random Thoughts About Dockless Bike and Scooter Share

A list of thoughts as random as the bikes strewn about my neighborhood. The scooters are super fun. Like SUPER. I was a menace the first time I tried a scooter. Seriously dangerous. Had to bail three times before I figured out the brakes. Bicyclists in Saint Paul’s bike lane said cuss words at me. […]