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A highway with a traffic light for left turns.

Highway 280: Put It Back the Way It Was

Highway 280 was transformed into a freeway in the wake of the I-35W bridge collapse in 2007. Now MnDOT is making it bigger and faster, even though the reason for the upgrade has long since disappeared.

Why You Should Oppose a Gas Tax Increase

There are many reasons to oppose Tim Walz’s proposed gas tax increase. When a DFL governor last tried to increase the gas tax in 2015, Charles Marohn of Strong Towns wrote two excellent pieces detailing all the ways that The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s road building policies are hurting Minnesota’s cities and towns, fueling suburbanization […]

Highway 61 and Main Street North Branch, 1950s, looking east

Along Old Highway 61 to Duluth, A Phototour, Part Two

This is Part Two of a phototour of Old Highway 61 to Duluth. Previously we covered St. Paul to White Bear Lake, now we continue north at Forest Lake. Forest Lake Early on the cutoff to where the road from Minneapolis met the road from St. Paul to Duluth moved from White Bear Lake to […]

Sunday Summary – August 12, 2018

The event is over, but the information is still current: A Minneapolis 2040 Conversation Guide for National Night Out was published in advance of Tueaday, August 7’s neighborhood gatherings, but Jonathan Foster’s comp plan talking points could still help you out in other conversations about the comp plan: “Hopefully you’ll spark discussion. Ask your neighbor what city […]

A Twin Cities Paving Moratorium

Last Wednesday (February 4)  I attended a public presentation by Ramsey County engineers for a proposed redesign of the Randolph and Lexington Avenue intersection. They are proposing to spend a million and a half dollars to purchase four properties on the northeast corner of the intersection and bulldoze them to make space for a dedicated […]

My Two Sense: Rainbow Highway

Streaking in a silver bullet, cutting stacks of water walls, moping the exterior torrent.  It’s a perfect Japanese comfort pod though my muscles tense in spite of it – anticipating an unrequited role in the heroic effort at hand. Then I enter my first rainbow.  Yes, I drive inside a rainbow.   My vision is hopeless, […]

The Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan

The Minnesota Department of Public Transportation has released a draft of its new five-year Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) at http://www.dot.state.mn.us/safetyplan/pdf/2014_SHSP_060914.pdf I encourage people to read the plan and comment on it. The public only has until July 8 to make comments. Comments should be sent to safetyplan@state.mn.us Below are my own comments. They’re super wonky […]